What Are Digital Dentures

What are digital dentures?

There is a new standard of care in removable prosthetics, Avadent Digital Dentures. Developed by an international team of leaders in the digital dentistry field, AvaDent’s breakthrough technology brings the precision, aesthetics and speed of process automation to removable dentistry.

Using our simple impression taking technique and our proprietary AvaDent, Anatomical Measurement Device (AMD) you will use standard clinical procedures to gather all the necessary clinical information in just one easy appointment. The impression, AMD and prescription are then sent to the AvaDent Digital Facility for completion.

The impressions and the AMD are scanned and a permanent digital record is created.

Using AvaDent’s breakthrough technology a virtually denture is created. Our digital controls allow for functional and aesthetic adjustments never before possible such as natural rugae replication, border molding extensions, plus infinite thickness variability.

You choose the teeth and the occlusion scheme and our proprietary software automatically creates the optimal set-up and occlusion.

Once all adjustments are made, the digital file is sent to the computer milling station where it is milled from our unique highly compressed, bio-hygienic base material.

Processed within micron tolerances, AvaDent Digital Dentures offer you and your patients exceptional function, aesthetics and convenience.